J4 Car Headrest Pillow



Exclusive Patented ergonomic U-shaped design, can be used for children, women, and men. The material is made of a soft cotton clothe for comfort. It supports the head, neck while relaxing muscles by preventing extreme floating and prolonged bending. The headrest pillow heads eliminate fatigue and pain, and ensures a safe travel, all while saving space.
fatigue, and pain,Ensure Travel Safety.

The J4 Carseat Headrest Pillow is manufactured with sturdy, high quality and environmentally safe cotton clothe, that is Durable, Breathable, and easy to clean. Installation is easy. The all parts are durable and stable. Once installed, the J4 Carseat Headrest Pillow can be adjusted to conform to all passenger with a 2″ to 6″ height. It comes with 4 rubber support plugs to ensure the stabilization, and fits most standard vehicles.


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