Rhinestone Bonnets

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Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, giving out an irresistible, extra soft texture. They give your hair the ultimate protection from breakage as well as locks in moisture to protect hair from damage and frizz. The shiny bright and illustrious rhinestone allow for a more glamour look, that can be worn with your inside and outside wardrobe.

Our Bonnets are a one size fits all. So, there is no need for size checking. It has plenty of room for all hair styles, as these Luxurious Sleep Caps have comfort bands and ties for a perfect fit. So, whether you are babying your short bob, or have a lot of large dreads, you will be feeling like riches. Ultimately, our bonnets provides you a combination of shine, softness, and durability at all times.

We believe in creating a long lasting relationship with those who become our value customer. We believe that any product we sell should be of the utmost quality. If you are not happen with the item you have purchased, then send it back and we will replace it with no questions asked. See out return policy if returning.

1 review for Rhinestone Bonnets

  1. Suzie

    Love my bonnet thanks

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